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Haunting by Pure-Decay
'Standing atop a second slopped grassy hill, he was the only source of residual light in the storm cloud enveloped area. Steeled eyes coolly squinted ahead, trying to find a land mark of some sort; something, anything, familiar. A faint feeling was pacing in the back of his mind; feelings of ineptitude, irritants and overall dissatisfaction at the growing levels of water that his fur seemed to be taking on. The crumpled, war-torn wings gave a rapid shake, flinging heavy water droplets and puddles of water off of the leather, but as he pulled them tightly to his back, the rain pelted back on and soaked him. Ignoring the need to give his mane a shake, he pushed on, wings and tail balancing his descent down the slippery slope. Rapidly, the grass turned to dirt (which was transforming just as quickly into mud), a trail of smoke seeping from his teeth and nostrils as he travelled. There was a feeling; an odd sort of feeling, that created  a pulling sensation. 'Go left' it was murmur, tugging him through a gather of bushes, 'go right' past a few thick pine trees.

Despite the soft emanating glow ahead, Bathalgor could not make out the form ahead. Eyes narrowed still in the sleet and wind, his head raised high before quietly approaching the being. The incessant 'need' to go a certain direction ended at her. A female humanoid, standing in the center of the clearing, black bones glowing with the colour of embers that shone from her skin. Upon closer inspection, he noticed something peculiar, causing him to sent another contemplating stream of smoke from his maw. This humanoid had no solid smell; a very faint collaboration of different workshop and paper, but very faint. She didn't have a particular smell, instead, giving off louder and more sounds than what would be a regular human. Whirring, humming, and faint clicking as she turned around, umbrella protecting the mess of short black hair and projecting her own glowing aura around her. Large, unblinking golden eyes looked at Bathalgor; He looked back, and for a moment, neither moved.'


Bathalgor, a chimera of genetics whom has encoded 'Find owner + protect' encoded into his DNA, along with a bit of the owners own genetics intermixed ovo  Fun stuff.

Character,Art (c) Pure-Decay
Galabex species (c) Marowen</span>
At the top of my to-do list are reference sheets, from the least important to the most. Hopefully as I get them done and underway, I can figure out what style I like, what I don't, and slowly perfect the look I want for the more important species.

Starting off was the Gavo! The Aedrachen, Hymun and Cothorian are due next;

I was distracted by the Gorgon; a different style for the more animalistic species. he info is a bit 'everywhere' but I'll figure out a smoother approach sooner or later.

More animal-based species coming up are...well actually a lot of them need re-naming, but there are a few out there.

Woo, projects! 0:
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