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VIIRON- SandRipper by Pure-Decay
VIIRON- SandRipper
Species: Viiron
Name: ?
Nickname: Sand Ripper
Gender: Male
Bio: -
Class: Racer
Habitat: Desert
Status: Knight
Personality: Brash | Noble | Foolhardy
Sale Price: $35.00

A smooth collaboration of ungulate genetics and integrated mechanics, the Viiron were a species used commonly around the island to get to and from various testing areas safely. Their mechanical heads can detect movement at the smallest of intervals, and detect heat from lifeforms over 10 meters away. They use similar mechanics in detecting rare life forms and materials that scientists would need or want.
While their strength and display is a gorgeous mix, as test subjects became more humanoid, the Viiron project came to a halt. The last lab-made Viiron, 220-73 was part of the last group with the ability to reproduce. Now, when not tamed by individuals who have passion for the animals, they roam wild around the island, their population gradually escalating over time and proving to be a veracious threat to scientists and subjects.

Their sounds range from mechanical clicking, whirring, and whining (a collective of curious, friendly noises), to falcon-like metallic screeching and reverberating bones (battle cry and warning signal). If they run at optimal speeds, sharp whistling can come from their skulls, and their feet make faint clopping echo's on stone and rock.

Their organs can digest near any material they decide to ingest, able to rip structures down to the molecules to take out needed minerals and metals. Rocks, Animals, and the Sun are all used and eaten to keep energy levels up. Because of the multiple ways food sources can be taken, they have not (yet) upset the food chain too badly, opting to eat metal/rocks and soak up sun rather than prey on animals.
When they do hunt, little is left from the meal they eat, save for large splashes of blood.

Depending on their make and model, the Viiron can vary from hefty and furry to sleek and smooth, though most are at an average of both. While 'Arctic' and  'Desert' models were made, very few were released and made it outside of the dome to run free, as most were either taken apart or shut down due to not being able to survive in the habitat that they were not designed for.

A new development for Viiron, Genders have started developing (believed to be due to the biomatrix in the body), foals starting to crop up. Depending on the lineage, foals may have more mechanical sections of their body than their parents or less; it also depends on what the biomatrix decides to choose for the body; male, female, ovipositer or viviparous. Foals coming from eggs are more mechanical and evolved, whereas those who are born live are more mammal, and more colourful.

Viiron are NOT an open species
Pre-made's will be sold
Species + Character (c) Pure-Decay
MAC Adopts (c) Pure-Decay
At the top of my to-do list are reference sheets, from the least important to the most. Hopefully as I get them done and underway, I can figure out what style I like, what I don't, and slowly perfect the look I want for the more important species.

Starting off was the Gavo! The Aedrachen, Hymun and Cothorian are due next;

I was distracted by the Gorgon; a different style for the more animalistic species. he info is a bit 'everywhere' but I'll figure out a smoother approach sooner or later.

More animal-based species coming up are...well actually a lot of them need re-naming, but there are a few out there.

Woo, projects! 0:
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